Care activities of Huayang Special Children Rehabilitation Center

Care activities of Huayang Special Children Rehabilitation Center

          &nactivities用英语怎么说bsp;       &nbspecializationsp;                        children‘s day翻译           &nbcenter是什么意思中文sp;                 &care怎么读nbsp;         &nbsprehabilitation翻译;                                                children后面加is还是are                                                                center翻译              

          &nbrehabilitation翻译sp; Ten o ‘clock incenter怎么读 the morning on September 18, 2011, sponsored by the lions club in shenzhen花样男子 binhe service local charitycentering care activities officia花样滑冰运动员排名lly kicked off, riverside service more than a dozen lions anactivities翻译d invite friends to the range of service, the service of the south China sea lion, risking sorching burning sun, carcenter翻译rying groceries andspecial full of love, common to the specialspecialty childrencenter什么意思 rehabilitatcarefreeion center is locacarelessted in guanlan town of huayang, Visit and accompancenter是什么意思中文y the disabled orphans living here.
&nbscare什么意思中文意思p;  花样年华           The Huayang Special Children’s welcareful是什么意思fare hochildren翻译me was established in 2003 by xiong Mubiao, a retired veteran cadre in Shaoguan. Mr. Xiong was also an orphaspecializedn. Achildren怎么读英语单词fter retirement, he decided to do somespecial的名词thactivities怎么读ing to give back to the society, so he rented this small yard, specialized in receiving and helping disabled orphans. Deschildren是单数还是复数pite the help from all walks of life and official subsidies, there is still a funding gap of more than 20,000 yuan every month. Life at the rehabilitation center is very difficult, and the teachers have not been paid for two months. Despite this, the old man did it for eight years without asking for anything in return. His greatest joy was tchildren英语怎么说o see his children recover and grow up on their owchildren是什么意思n.specialty


  &nbspchildren’s day翻译;         The childrencareless range from a few months old to 10 yearcareful是什么意思s old, and some were abandoned by their parents at birth due to birth defects. What children need more than food and shelter and better health is companionsspecial什么意思hip and love. When the lion friends camespecialize to theicenterpointr dormitspecializeory, the children all stretched out their hands and jumped into their arms. Look at the smile on your face aactivities的中文nd you know it’s as good to give as it ichildren的名词所有格s toactivities怎么读 receive.


            At花样滑冰运动员排名 the end of the activity, the lion friends donated money and subscribed for the charitactivities思维导图y sale orehabilitationf the children in the rehabilitation center, which successfully ended thecenter怎么读 activity today. Lion friends agreed that providing lhuayangong-term services to those who really need help is a focus of our future work, and decided to come to Huayang once a quarter.

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