Lions Club shenzhen received the International Lions Club Gold Award for “First Believer”

The Lions Club of Shenzhen was awarded the International Lions Club First Believer ” The gold medal

          &nlionsbsp; In thfirst青年电影展e first four months of 2011-2012, lions Club shenzhen has been awarded the lions Club Intfirstlyernational award. First Believer ” The gold medal. In China, only shenzhen Lions Club and Zhejiang Membershigoldfish是什么意思p Management Commitinternationally歌曲tee won the award. Mr. Zheng Degang, director of Lions Clclubub shenzhen, will receive the afirstward from the internclubational President at the interna深圳疫情最新消息tional President dinner of the 50th Southelions英语怎么读ast Asia Lionsinternational是什么意思 Convention in Manila, Philippines on behalf of Lion深圳疫情最新消息s Club Shenzhen.

            Liofirst怎么读英语ns International & LDQUO; First Believer ” The award was established by the International President in 2011-2012 to encourage active membership development and the creation of new assaward怎么读ociations ingoldfish each regigoldenon. According to the award description, tclubmanhe district governor will be awargoldded to the district gbeliever古筝简谱overnor for establishing two new service teams or for a net increase in district membership by October 31. First Believer ” Silvelions英语怎么读r medal; With five new servreceive的过去分词ice teams eaward的用法stablishedinternationalworkers’day怎么读 by 31gold October and a net increase in district membership, the district governbeliever古筝简谱or will be awarded &LDquo; Ficlub怎么读rst Believer ”internationalcupid The gold medal.

By Chen Lao-yi


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