Caring for special children based on serving the community

  Caring for special children based on serving the community

  Shenzhen Lions Club Oct Service Team & LDquo; Love station ” The opening of


&nbcaring是什么意思sp;           Recently, shenzhen Lions Club oct Service team & LDquo; Love station ” The unveiling and donation ceremony was held at the Minai Special Childrcommunity造句en’s Welfare Home in Longwei Community, Futian District. Peng Yingjiu, chairman of Fucaringtcaring和careful区别ian District Disabled Persons’ Fedeservingration, Liu Guiling, Secretarybased翻译 of Longwei Community, Zheng Degang, director of Shecaring和careful区别nzhen Lions Club, Huang Cheng, chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club and members of oct Service team attended the ceremony. At the meeting, Dircommunity是什么意思英语ector Peng Yingjiu and Director Zheng Degang delivered speeches successively. Presidcaring forent Xie Pin of Minai Welfare House expressed heartfelt thanks to lichildren是什么意思onservings club for its donchildren翻译ation.

        &nbspabserving; &nbsbase的名词p; Wu Jianing, president of overseas Chinese Town Service Team, said that caring for special children means caring for the families behind the chibase的用法ldrecaring怎么读n. “ I hope everyone can take action andbased怎么读 plant a tree of hcaring和careful区别ope together. I believe that love will become a forest! &rdqcaring是什么意思uo; Wu told rechildren翻译porters that the team learned that there were about 60 children with special needs in minai Welfare Home, all of whom were unable to study and live normally because of autism, cerebral palsy and intellectual disability. They were in great need of care and care. Except for aspecialize small pcommunity怎么读音art of the funds funchildren’s day翻译ded by the governmencaringlyt, welfare homes mainly rely on donations from the society, and therserving是什么意思e is a gap at present. After investigation, the oct service team decided to pair up with the welfacaring是什么意思中文re home.

 community翻译           It is unchildrenderchildren英语怎么说stood that Chen Weiyang donated four sets of brabase的名词in health care equipment, will also hold a lecture on brain health for children’s parents. In the future, the oct service team will provide a series of long-term care services for special children, and care for special children in various w八色鸫科ays.

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