Shenzhen Lions Club was evaluated by experts as a public welfare social organization

Shenzhen Lions Club was evaluated by experts as a public welfare social organization

      &nbspevaluate读音;     At 4:30 p.m. on December 1, shenzhen Ngo Administration or深圳大学ganilions翻译zed an evaluation team to evaluate the 2011 Public welclubman是什么牌子车fare social organizations of Shenzhen Lions Club in the lions Club office. Xiao Xingping, the last director of Shenzhen Lions Club, Wu Xiaoming, the second deputy director, Zhang Xiaowei, the secretary general,wasn’t Lin Ziyu, the chief Financial officer, and Feng Qijiang, the chairman of information and Brand Building Committee attended the meetpublicationing.
            Wu Xiaoming, the second deputy director of Shenzhen Lions Club, introduced the historical background of the establishment of Lions Club in China and the development and achievements of Shenzhen Lions Club in recent years. Deng Xiaomin, the lea深圳大学der of the evaluation expert group, introduced the members of thsocial什么意思e expert group and evaluated them acpublicizingcording to t深圳天气he evaluation index system of public welfare social groupsshenzhen in Shenzhen.
       socializing     The experts consulted the relepublicize翻译vant materials andlions音标 files opublicize翻译f Shenzhen Lions Club carefullywelfare怎么读. After evaluation, they found that Shenzhen Lions Club met thewelfare翻译 requirements of the evaluation system in terms of grass-roots conditions, internal governance, work performance and social evaluation, and was highly appraised by the evaluatiolions翻译中文n expert panel of Shenzhesocialbetan Ngo Administration.
    &深圳nbsp;       It is understood that the evaluation results are divided into five grades, from the highwassupest topublicize翻译 the lowest grade of 5A 950 points or mosocial mediare, 4A 900&mdaclubsshsocialize; — 950 points, 3A 800— — 900 points, class 2A 700— &mdash深证指数; 800 poinsocial怎么读ts, 1A level below 700 points. Social organizations with aaa or higher registration are eligible to receive transfer of official functions, purchase of official services, subsidization, awards, and pre-tax deductions forsocial club public welfare donations, as well as to carry out evaluation, standards, and commendation activities.

By Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Photo/Li Jiangping

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