Shenzhen Lions Club Tai ‘an Service team Sichuan Pengzhou Li ‘an Primary school aid trip

Shenzhen Lions Club Tai ‘an Service team Sichuan Pengzhou Li ‘an Primary school aid trip

    &nbsp李亚鹏;       On the morning of October 17, 2011, with the harvest in sight, 13 members of shenzheservicebion Lions Club tai ‘an Service Team set out for Si四川轻化工大学chuan Pengzhou Li ‘an Primateams手机版ry School for education activities under the leadership of founding Club president Zhou Ting Shi Jie. Lin Ziyu,彭州天气预报 treasurer of Shenzhen Lions Club and lion四川师范大学 sister of Tai ‘an Service Team, and Tang Shihuang, deputy泰拉瑞亚 secretar深圳风险等级y general of Shenzhen Lions C六级报名lub and lion brother of Tai ‘an Service Team also participated in this activity. This is the first service activity of tai ‘an Service Team since its establishment on October 9.

            In the wake of the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, Lions Club she泰剧nzhen has四川师范大学 established a close relationship with Li ‘an Primary Scservicebiohool in Pengzhou, Sichuan province. In recent四川8633 years, lions Club Shenzhen has done a good job in building a library, an electronic classroom and carryi太原疫情ng out ed彭州人才网ucational activities. Lin Ziyu, as the president of the Cait恋糸纪念日ian Service Team i两个人的房间n深圳大学 2008-2009, and Zhou Ting, as the pteamsresident四川8633 of the Caitian Service Team in 2009-2010, both served in Li ‘an successively. During the four years of service, shiyou and the teachers and students of L四川农业大学i ‘an Primar四川疫情最新消息y School have established a deep relationship. In the early stage of the service activities, the investment was relatively large. After the schoteamol’s equilions是什么意思pment, facilities and teaching environment were improved, the subspengzhouequent service activities were added and maintained according to the needs. The annual fundin台湾g for poteams手机版or students and awards for excellent teachers were never interrupted.
            Bathed in the wonderful time of the碰肘礼 new sclions怎么读hool year, witness another golden Autumn Octoblionser, fruiservice是什么意思中文翻译tful b四川8633rilliant. On the morning of the 18th, &ldquoteam是什么意思翻译; Donation ceremony for Lee on Pr四川疫情最新消息imar深圳疫情y School by Shenzheclub翻译n Lions Club Tai ‘an Service Team Here weclub是什么酒 go. Director Gao Xianz四川8633hong and Deputy Diteambitionrector Fei Daquan of Pengzhou Education Bureauclub翻译 attended th台湾e donation ceremony. First of all, t深圳地铁线路图he outstanding teachelions翻译rs and students representatives of Li ‘an Primary School gave a speech. The teachers and students expressed their g深圳市最新疫情ratitude to the Tai ‘an Se彭州rvice Team, but also showed their determination to live up to all the people wservice是什么意思中文翻译ho care about them, and they will make achievements in the future. Mr. Li, pri四川8633ncipal of Li ‘an Primary Scho泰版流星花园ol, and Mr. Fei Daquan, dtaieputy director of educat四川疫情最新消息ion Bureau, reported the education and construction of th深圳疫情e school in彭州天气预报 the past year, and also expressed their deep gratitlionsude to tai ‘an Servi四川轻化工大学ce team. Lin Ziyu lion泰版流星花园 elder sister for friends speak, taian service all expressed shenzhen lions to sichuan post-disaster reconstruction efforts and diligently, to congratulate the AnXiaoXue in pclub翻译engzlions是什么意思hou林依晨为怀孕把该试的方法都试了 nationwide exa深圳天气mination appraisal obtained the good result, congratulati彭州天气预报ons on hard to educate the teachers made another fruitful in the teaching, congratulations on h深圳ard aspirant stsichuanudents made a study of again. Sister Lam said that tai ‘an Servservice是什么意思ice team will continue to help Li ‘an Primary schservice是什么意思中文翻译ool, hope that studentslions音标 study hard, happy growth! Lin凌天战尊ziyu shiji猎罪图鉴e this sincere深圳大学, heartfelt speech, iteamonfected everyone present.

    &泰版流星花园nbsp;       At the ceremon四川疫情y, the Tai ‘an Service team awardeservice的名词d 500 yuan to each of the 21 poor students who were excellent in c蓬舟吹取三山去haracter and learning, 1000 yuan to each of the 10 excellent teachers, and donated a batch of TV sets, DsichuanVDS and other materials and equipment worth 23,000 yuan to the Central Kindergarten of Li ‘an Primary School. Student representatives of Lee on Primary School presented a pre太古神王sentation entitled “四川大学ldQUO; Lion kindness unforgettable ” The atlas records the footprints and precious footage of shenzhen Lion friends in the past four years.
&nteams手机版bsp;           After the donation ceremony, all太古龙象诀 lion friends of Tai ‘an Service team, accompanied by Principal Li, visited the classrooclubmedms, library and electronic reading room of the school. President Zhou Ting andclub是什么酒 Principal Li discussed the opinions and dlions是什么意思irection of the future construction of thservice可数吗e sc深圳疫情hoo四川师范大学l. Later, the tai ‘an service team lion friends went to the Lee ‘a彭州n Center kindergarten, visited all tlions读音he teachers and students of thclubmane kindergart凌天战尊en, and distributed candy to the children, the scene was full of happiness and warmth.
       彭州人才网     On June 1, 2008, Lin Ziyu spent children’s Day with her classmates in Pengzhou after the earthquake. The students took classlions翻译中文es in the slab house built by shenzhen四川大学 Liteamproons Club. The learning condi太古神王tions and environment wereclubman very difficult. In the four years of service activiticlub怎么读es, Shi Jie Zhou Ting has devoted a lot of effort to the蓬舟吹取三山去 stclub用英语怎么说udents of Li ‘an Primary School. Looking at the new school, the tidy teaching buildinteamsg, the happy smiling faces of the children, the old lion friends feel pa四川疫情rticularly pleased; Looking at the cultural walls in t碰肘礼是什么意思he school library and video clclub是什么意思assrolion是什么意思om, the new lion friends were moved by the photos of th四川轻化工大学eir seservice的名词rvice to Lee on Primary school over the years. New lion brother Li Zhi stressedteamwork thatteam是什么意思翻译 the next event must inform hiservice是什么意思m to donate! President Zteamworkhou Ting explained that the 43,500 service funds were donated by several old四川8633 lion friend碰肘礼是什么意思s after discussion, and the new lion friends were not notified to participate in the donation. Bec太古龙象诀ause The Tai ‘an Service team is a new service team, we hope to make new lion friends feel and identify with the lion cu彭州市邮政编码lture through more service activities. There is still a longlions翻译中文 w彭州ay to go in the future. To build a dynamic, dynamic, united and harmonious team.

  &四川师范大学nbsp;     &nbsteam是什么意思翻译p; &碰肘礼是什么意思nbsp; During the pengzhou student trip, we had a lot of fun, both oldservice and new lion friends, and deepened our understanding of lion culture. Zhou Ting sincerel碰肘礼是什么意思y hopes that future presideclub是什么意思nts will do bteamvieweretter than her, but we must understand the lion culture. Inheritance & throughout; We h太平洋汽车网ave the responsibility to follow up and maintain good projects with huge investment in the early stage.

Article/photo & have spenlions翻译t Tai ‘an Service team contributed



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