The 2012 New Year charity gala of Shenzhen Lions Club was held

“ We’re in this together.
Shenzhen Lions Club 2012 New Year charity gala was held

    &nbspwashington;   &nbclubmed官网预订sp; &was怎么读nbsp; December 18, 2011, Shenzhen Lions Club annual gala & LDQUO; We are together. — Shenzhen Lions Clucharity宽容的爱b 2012 New Year Charity Gala & RDQUO; It will be held in hall 5 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibi深圳大学tion Center. More than 900 leaders from the National Lion Association, Shenzhen Municcharity-mindedipal Party Committee, Shenzhen municipal government, Municipal CPPCC, Municipa深证指数l Adcharity怎么读ministration Bureau, Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation, Municipal Care officcharity宽容的爱e, Municiclub用英语怎么说pal Chgalaarity, Municipal Federation of Literary and Art, as well as lion friends from Guangdong, Qingdao, Beijing, Shenyang, Shaanxi, Hong Kong and Shenyearzhen lion Clubs gathered together to welcome the New Year.

 news           The gala began with the poetry recitation of “We Are Together” by the nine directorlions英语怎么读s of The Shenzhen Lions Club. Directors fondly reviewed the charitable footprint of Shenzhegala乐队n Lions C深圳地铁线路图lub sinceclub its establishment ten years ago. Shenzhen Lions Club is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary. In the past ten years, lionsyearly club members have gone througnewgroundsh trials and tribulations, never giyearbookving up, for the same faith. — We serve, on the road of public service and constantly explore, harvest lion friendship and moved.


            Mr. Zhang Guojun, vice president of Lions Ayearningssociation of China and Mr. Huang Chunbin, vice president of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, spoke at the party respectivelnewy, and affirmed the outstanding contributions mawas是什么意思de by Shenzhen Lions Club to the charity and public welfarecharity形容词 undertakings, and placed high hopes on the future development of Shenzhen Lions Club.
            Mr. Su Zeran,news可数吗 the chairman and first deputy director of the lions Club, read the lions Club pr深圳市最新疫情oject proposal with enthusiasm, calling on lion friends and caring people to activeclubmed官网预订ly participate in the Lions Club bran深圳市最新疫情d project. Subsequently, Shenzhen Lions Club 2011-2012 Director Zheng Degang Shi Brothshenzhener, the previous director Xiao Xinwasgping Shi Sister, theclub怎么读 first deputy director Su Z深圳地铁线路图eran Shi Brother, the second deputy director Wu Xiaoming Shi Brother and so on jointly became & LDquo; Osmanthus fragrans on Lianhuashan ” Watering irrigation, meaninewlyng & LDquo; Tree of Hope ” Thrive. More than 40 serlionsgatevice teams came to the stage tcharity形容词o pledge the osman深圳天气thus trees oclubsf Lianhuashan, pledging 1.33 million yuan in total. One of the brand services of Shenzhen Lions Club & LDQUO; Red action ” Donated two to the city blood center in the previous year. The lion number & throughout; After the blood truck,wash怎么读 plans to doyearningnate another. Tcharity的动词he lion number & thro深圳疫情ughout; Blood donation v深圳市最新疫情ehicle, the vehiclnews可数吗e will be placeyear函数d in huaqiang North and other commercial areas for blood collection work. Shenzhen Lions club and Li Cheng, central District, Riverside, main club, fu Ai Service team are & LDquo; Red action ” The donation from the blood donation car amounted to 400,000 yuanwas怎么读.


            In order to support the Shenzhen Lions Foundation and community service projects, lioyear造句ns club members actively pledgalanz是什么牌子ged money & LDquo; China lion prize & throughout; , 182 members reclions是什么意思eived “ China lion prize & throcharity是什么意思ughout; In recognition, a total of $910,000 was raised. The co-organizers, American Guangren Yuezi Centegalanz是什么牌子r and Boren Sports donated 80,000 yuan for the next year’s service funds, and the lion wine worth 228,000 yuan donated by Shenzhen Huilongyuan Wine Co., LTD., all the sales income will be donated to Shenzhen Lions Club for the next year’s service activities.

            The charity auyearcon是什么牌子的ction was extremely popular. Auction items include paintings and calligraphy works of famougala选手s artists donated by shiyou and charitable people, exquisite embroidery, Hunan embroidery and other handicraft works, Benhuan Image Porcelain Vaclubmedse and Lion Soul Bottle specially made by Shiyowash怎么读u for this evening party, and limited edition famous brand glasses andgalanz是什么牌子 handbags, thangka, dark tea, etc., donated by Shiyou. People from ayearcon是什么牌子的ll walks of life enthusiastically donated, competed to show signs, dedication ofcharity的内涵意义 love, shot 945 thousand yuan. Yitianclub, lshenzhenove, love, mileage, Lord will berth, taian and other 18 service and love enterprises Eternal Asia Supply Chain Managemenwash怎么读t Ltd., beautiful group, shenzhen hold one property Management co., Ltd., shenzhen tide court feast food culture co., Ltd., build the castle steel strulionscture co., Ltd., shenzhen baygala是什么意思 investment co., Ltd., as the student, attended a donation of 85, poverty alleviation annew的反义词d other深圳天气 service projects 57000 y深证指数uan. A tclub用英语怎么说otal of 10.72 million yuan was raised. All funds raised will be used for the charity projectyearcon是什么牌子的s of Shenzhen Lions Club. Shenzhen Lions Club will continue to do a good job in traditional brand service projects such as Guangming Action, poverty alleviation, student assistance, disaster relief, and disability assistance, while putting love into the side, continue to promote community service work, focus on building community service branwaspd, letwasn’t the lion spirit in Sclubmed官网预订henzhen carry forward.

&nbsp深圳市最新疫情;           It is reported thatwash怎么读 ovewashr the yearscharity翻译, shenzhen Lions Club upclub怎么读hold & LDquo; We serve &rdquyearningo; Under thelionsgate care and guidance owas是什么意思f the Domlions英语怎么说estic Disabled Persons’ Federation, the Domestic Lionsgalaxy Association and thyearcon是什么牌子的e shenzhen municipal authorities, the municipal civil affairs department, the Municipal Discharity音标abled persons’ Federation, Indepshenzhenendent operation, independent creation ” Actively participating in disaster relief, poverty alleviatnew是什么意思英语ion, health and medical care, socianewsl welfare, education, rehabilitation of the disabled, envlions怎么读ironmental pryear函数otectwasn’tion and other public welnewlyfare activities, helping the poor, helping the dlionsisanewsbled, helping tnew是什么意思英语he poor and poverclubsty alleviation. It has carried out more than 6,000 service activities, with a total of about 120 million yuan of service funds. It has provided free operations for more than 15,000 poor cataract patients, donated more than 53 million yuan in materials for disastwasper relief, raised more than 6 million yuanlions翻译 for the disabled and orphans, and built more than 40 lion schools, benefiting 40 million people.

By Ma Huijuan

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