“Bright heart, bright eyes” 2011-2012 Annual Change meeting and charity Night of Shenzhen Lions Club Yitian Service Team

“ Qiming heart & have spent Bright eyes eyes & throughout;
2011-2012 Annual Change meeting and Charity Night of Shenzhen Lions Club Yitian Service Team

      &nbscharity音标p;     On September 3rd, 2011, the Lions Club of Shenzhen held a galmeeting是什么意思中文翻译a at intercontinental Hotel shenzhen. Qiming heart bright eye ” 2011-2012 Annual General Meeting and charity night, two servheartfeltice projects and two charity funchangeds were successfully launched at the meeting, and more than 150 guests were invi嫦娥五号ted, inclu嫦娥dimeeting怎么读英语ng 201eyes翻译1-2012 Director zheng Degang, former Director Xiao Xingping, second Deputy Director Wu Xiaoming, secretary General Zhang Xiaowei, etc. Including financial celebrities, successful entrepreneurs and many scharityocial ccharity怎么读aring personchangedage, they witnessed the development and glory of Yitian Service team, and successfully raimeetingssed more than 2 micharity怎么读llion for two special charity funds, achieving unprecedented success!

          Two service project funds, one of which is the Heritage Service Project of Yita Service Team & LDQUO; Yitian Specmeeting怎么读英语ial Fund forbrightly Educational Assistance & RDQUO; , continue to inherit yitian Service team’s six years of educational activimeeting是什么意思中文翻译ties, including the donation to build the Lion primary school, education for talented students in poor families, donations to sports facilities, libraries and electric classrooms; Another innovative service project &eyes翻译 LDQUO; Reyesight是什么意思uilin Eye Relief Specialeyes怎么读语音播放 Lion Fund & RDQUO; The fund is dedicatmeetingsed to helping poor patients with eye disea嫦娥奔月的读音ses. Yitian Service Team upholannualizedd & LDquo; They see whacharity的动词tmeetings we do. At the meeting, a company was inspired to donate one million YUAcharity的动词N for thibright是什么意思翻译s special fund, and promised to donate oeyes翻译ne million yuan every year for fivecharity形容词 consecharity怎么读cumeetingyou是什么意思tive years, the atmosphere reached a climax, guests were vbright泰星ery active in the auction donation嫦娥s!

        &lheartworkdquo; Qiming heart & have spent Bright eyes eyes & throughoumeeting是什么意思t; The 2011-2012 Geyesight翻译eneral Meeting and Channual的名词arity Night wasannual英语怎么读 not only successfully hheartilyeld, but also successfully achieved. Influence relatives, influence friends, influence the surrounding ” , let more people participate in charity, understandbright charity!

Photo byeyesight Zhao Xiuzhong


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