Footprints of Love -2011-2012 Fairy Lake Transition Conference

The footprints of love
–2011-2012 Xianhu Election Meeting

            Since the establishment of the Fairylove直播软件安卓下载 Lake servtransition怎么读ice team in 2006, in just a few years, step by step, in the lifairylandon friends’ hard work, continuolove最新版官方下载us growth, through dedication and sharing, the common goatransition翻译l to establish a harmonioufootprints翻译s happy andlakes是什么意思 know how to pay love family.

          On Augulovely什么意思sttransition是什么意思 7th, 2011footprints翻译, in the banquconference中文翻译et hall of Qingqing World, at the foot of thtransition的动词e beautiful Dafairy怎么读nan Motransition翻译untaiconference怎么读n, thlakers是什么意思e 2011-2012 annual m拉克丝的法术棒eeting of Xianhu Service Team wconference什么意思as successfully held under the meticulous preparation of xianlakes是什么意思hu lion friends for more than a month.

            1. To commend the lioconference怎么读n friends for their love andfairytale是什么意思 dedication. Only with your dedication can we have a happy tefootprints怎么读atransition怎么读m and collective of Xianhu.
      &nfootprints怎么读bsp;     Thanks folake怎么读语音r the donation of lion friends and enterprise friends, all lion friends of fairy Lakfairy怎么读英语e service team express our grtransition是什么意思atitude and gratitude on behalf of all people!
            3.transition-property The listing of the love workstation of the cancer club, the lion friends of the Fairy Lake service team fight against the disease sidlakers是什么意思e by side with the cancer patients, giving a strength of the lion friends.
    &nbsptransition是什么意思;     &nbconference中文翻译sp; 4. The joining of new lion friends, the passing of love, and more caring personage joining the ranks of dedication are the best testilake是什么意思mony of the inspiration of love and the power of love of Fairy Lake Service Team.
            5. The perforlovelymance of the Lionlovely什么意思 Friends gfairy怎么读英语roup, ttransition怎么读he wonderful performance of you an拉克丝d me, the lion friends and thfootprints是什么意思eir familiefairy英文名sfootprints翻译, brought countless wonderful moments for the changing of the Fairy Lake Seconference中文翻译rvtransition是什么意思ice Ttransition-propertyeam.
      &nfootprints怎么读bsp;     6. The support frolake怎么读m the leaders of the dilakes是什么意思strict council and the presence and guidance of the busy schedule can only be used to express the respect of the lion friends of the拉克丝 Xian Lakeconferences service team:transition是什么意思 You have worked hard!!
     fairy       On this day, witnessed by all the lion friendfairy英文名s, the Fairy Lake Service team independently completed the 2011-2012 annual changing partlove最新版官方下载y for the firconference什么意思st time. The responsibility andconference词根词缀 mission are still continufairying. On the road of dedication and giving of love,conference什么意思 we keep making efforts to go further and further,lake是什么意思英语 leaving footprints of love every step!


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