The first stop of the second “Red Action” — Entering Sanjun Battery Company

The second & other; Red action ” The first stop & ndash; — Enter Sanjun Battery Company
&三军联勤体制时间nbsp;   &nbspcompany陪伴你;       &nbspaction;         &nbspactionscript;                   &nbscompany动词p;       &mdashstop; &mdasecondsh; The second session &batterymon LDquo; Red action &rdqustop的用法o; Sanjun Battery Company

&nbspfirst是什么意思;           “ Donate regenerative blood to save non-recoverable lives. ”
   battery电池 &nbsecondlove日剧sp; &batterynbsp; &nbfirstlysp;   On December 26, 2011, the 9th Shenzhen Care Action三军可夺帅也出自哪里 was lafirst是什么意思unched. On this day, under the active organizafirst怎么读英语tion of shenstop是什么意思啊zhen Lions Club Tai Sactionscriptheng Service Team, the 2nd session of ldQUO; Red action ” The first stop is shenzhen Sanjun Battery Co., LTDcompany怎么读. ‘s enthusiasticaction对魔忍 staff actively supportcompany松尾 the construction of national health undertakings and once again carry out voluntary blsanjunood donation activities.
&三军nbsp;     &entering怎么读nbsp; &nbspstop是什么意思啊;   In winter, clinical blood consumption in some areas of Shenzhen increased sharply, resulting in a shortage of bloreductionod bank inventory in the blood centredundanter and a shortage of blood supply. A free blobatterymonod donation campaign was launched by Taisheng service team and Sanjun Battery Company.
            Deactionsspite the cold weathcompany英语er atred是什么意思 the blood donation site, warmth and affection flowed everywhere. Company leaders take the lead and actively join the blood donation tesecond什么意思am, & LDquo; Donate a blood, give a love. Becored怎么读me a love note widely passed on by employees.
        &reductionnbsp; &nbatteryguru官网下载bsp; Employee Mr. Yabattery下载ng is the first time to participate in blood donation, this time donated 300 ml. While taking blood, hsecond翻译e told the author: I donate blosecond翻译od so that those who necompany翻译ed it can get it. Voluntary blood donation should become a fine traditfirst翻译ion inaction翻译 companies. Blood donation not only helps improve the body’s immunity and resistance to disease, but also promotes blood metabolism, and can help those who are in urgent need of blood. ”
            &nbatterygurubsp; According to statistics, a total of 37 employees particifirstpated in blood donatbatteryguruion during the half day,redmik40 donatinsecond翻译g more than 12,000 ml of blood.

Article/photo & have spent Contributed by Tseng Service Team

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