Charity Without Borders – Lions club of Shenzhen, Malaysia tour

Charity without Borders
                    &n深圳疫情bsp; &malaysia翻译nbsp;         &nbspshenzhen; &nbtouringsp; &nbclub怎么读sp;                             &nbtouringsp;               &深圳nbsp;   &nbspcharity和love区别;                 &nbspwithout是什么意思;             &club是什么意思nbsp;  malaysia &nbspclubman;       &nbslions音标p;     — Lions Club of Shenzhen, Malaysia tour

              At the invitation of lions club of Malaysia-Mili New Century Tourism city, nine members of shenzhen Lions Club datong Service team seborder属性t off from Guangzhou on September 2nd for a one-week charity trip to Malamalaysia硬币ysia.

            It was the 10th anniversary celebration of lions Club of Malionslaysia Mili New Century Touristouringm Ccharity宽容的爱ity. Thborderse lions club was led bytourism是什么意思 the current president, Brother Zhong Guangming. The lions club members, including yu Qian, the founding president, Kong Weimin, the chairman of studentmalaysia翻译成中文 Aid Committee, and Xie Yulin, the picketers, dressed in red lion costumes, solemnly attended the ceremony.

            After the inaugurattouringion ceremony of the new board of dimalaysia硬币10rectors of lion club of Meili New Century Tourism citouran大众什么车ty, thcharity怎么读e new presiwithout后面加什么dent of lion Club, Brother Chen analysis, and the pmalaysianresidetourism是什么意思nt of Datong service team, Brother Zhong Guangming, also sigcharity的内涵意义ned a memorandum of exchange and cooperation between the two seswithout是介词吗sions on the spot, and joicharity宽容的爱ntlylions音标 announced thetournament joint intertour是什么意思national envirocharity是什么意思nmental protection and green prwithout是介词吗omotion plan. The Lions club of New Century Tourism City also made a special donation of RM10,000 (Malaysianwithout虚拟语气 currency) to the lions Club of Shenzhen for its afforestation project. The local mayor of Meili was there to cut the cake and witness the jtourism是什么意思oint project of lion organizations.
After the celebration, the datmalaysia怎么读ong service team went to a welfare primary schooclub是什么意思l in M深圳市最新疫情eili city for sympathy and donated 10,000 RMB to the poor students.

            At the invitation of Mcharity怎么读r. Lai Yao-song, mayor of Meili city, lions club of New Century tourism city and Lionborder属性值s Club of Shenzhen da Tong Service team planteclub用英语怎么说d a friendshlion是什么意思ip tree in meili ccharity形容词ivic Square, in response to the call of Tatour是什么意思n Rwithout是介词吗onggen, president of Lions Club International to green the earth. In November this year, the Lionsborder属性 Club of Meili New Century Tourism City will come to Shenzhen to plcharity翻译ant a friendship forest with the lions of Datong Service Team on Lianhua Mountain in Shenzhen.

B深证指数y Kong Weimin


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