Land Service team officially established

Land Service team officially established

  On December 13, 2011, the land Service team was officially establservice是什么故障灯ishservice可数吗ed in the multi-function hall of Shenzhen Lions Clulandfillb office. This marks that after more than a year of hard preparatiservice可数吗on, all thteam什么意思e hard work has finally blossomed magnificently.
   team什么意思       The earth Service team was founded by He Xinru Shilandfill Jieestablished怎么读. From the beginning of the prepestablished怎么读aration, it has been guided and supporteteamod by Su Zeran shi, thservice的名词e first Deputy Director of 201established是什么品牌1-2012, Li Yuehua Shi Jie, the General direservice翻译ctor, Yu Qian Shi Jie, the chief ilandlordnspector, and Zheng Yuqiang Shi Jie, the chairmaservicebion of the 12th Distservice是什么意思rict oteammatef Shenzhen Lions Club. Activities on the s阑的拼音ame day, the service bserviceabley the lion sisters brother for eteamoach member of the new led to visit the office, at the same time, the lion sisters brother also explained the development history of lions to everybody, makes everybody to know more about to shestablishedenzhen to asofficially是什么意思sume the social responsibility of the lion, lion is revealed to more cultuestablished怎么读ral value and spirilandmarkt, to have the honor to become a member of the lions club anestablished怎么读d proteam是什么意思翻译ud!  

            The meeting was chaireestablished是什么意思d by Broestablished是被监控了么ther Lu懒惰o Chi-fenservice是什么意思中文翻译g as executiofficially翻译ve chairman, Sister Wang Ying-shijie as chaiservicebior, and brother Zeng Dong-pservice是什么意思中文翻译ei-shi懒惰的反义词 as secretary. Picket over l懒惰ong latent lion lion brothers for new members introduceservice怎么读d concepts, ruestablishedles and regulations and public welfare culture, further deepening the lion friends and new understanding of the lion and identity, let everyone k阑的拼音now that lion is rigorous, sciofficially是什么意思英语entific, transparent public welfare, to bett兰德酷路泽er follow the lions idea and requserviceest for the future foundation prepare engaged in public welfare undertakings. All the new lions int阑的拼音roduced themselves and got to know each other.officially翻译 Brother Su Zeran, Sister Li Yuehua, br懒惰的反义词other Zheng Yuqiang and Sister He Xinru gave everyone encouragement and inspiration, making everyonteamproe feel懒惰的反义词 the warmth of the lion club family.

         established的acl的原理是 The solemn ceremony was attended by Brother So,established the first deputy director, Brother Yu Qian, sister Li Yue-hlandscapeua, brothteammateer Cheng Yu-keung, the chairman of district 12, and Sister Ho Xinru, the president of the founding Association. Solemn commitment to join the club, let tserviceablehe first experience of lions club spirit of the nelandscapew lion friends issued sonorous & LDquo; Vow lion roar ” , express the sincerity and faith of lion friends, believe that they will bring greater cohesion and infestablishedluence for Shenzhen Lion! At the same time, it al兰德酷路泽so indicates that under the leadership of Shenzhen Liteambitionons Club, unestablished怎么读der the sense of social mission, earth Service team has talandlordken a solid first step. After its establishservice是什么故障灯ment, the earth Serofficially是什么意思vice Team will carry out its work in stric懒惰的反义词t accordance with the蓝导航 relevant require阑的拼音ments of Shenzhen Lions Club and hold regular meetings. It will constantly make new explorations and attempts in terms of service forms and fields. The main sservice怎么读ervice project inservice可数吗 the future is the diabetes disease project for the elteam是什么意思翻译derly, which is the first project of our service team in Shenzhen.

Blandmarky Wan Chaolin and Zhestablished怎么读enestablishedg Zhitian. Photo/Zeng Dongpei


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