The Lions Club of Shenzhen held a forum for its 2011-2012 annual president

The Lions Club of Shenzhen held a forum for its 2011-2012 annual president

    &nbsforum是什么意思p;   &nbsclubmanp;   On the afternoon of Fforums翻译ebruary 12, 2012, the club was organized by thelions Chairman’s Fellowship Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club. Enlarge and Strengthen the Service Team to present a gift for the 10th anniversary The 2011-2012 Chairman’s Forum of Shenzhen Lions Clulions英语怎么读b was held in the multi-function hall of the distclub怎么读rict office. Domestic lion federation vice-chairman深圳地铁线路图 Zhang Gannualsuojun lion lion broitselfther, shenzhen 2011-2012 director Zheng Degang lion bannual翻译rother, the previous director XiclubsaoXiitss资质证书ngPing lions, brother elder sister, first deputy director Su Zeran lions, second deputy d深证指数irector wu xm lions, brother and the secretary-general Zhang Xiaowei the lion elder sister, elder sister, long financial Lin Ziyu picket over long latent lion brother, brother, deputy secretary general long-tits是什么意思erm flash lion, chairman of the parlions翻译tition, Presidenforum84t of fellowship committee Morelions英语怎么说 than 60 people, including chairman Xia Yunping shi Brother, execuitsashou微博tive chairman Xu Gang Shi Brother, sister Zhong Lunqin深圳疫情g shi sister and the presidforuments ofannual是什么意思 the service teams, attended the meeting. The lions are known as “ Enlarge and Strengthen the Service Team to present a gift for the 10th anniversary As the theme, talk about the service team construction experience, for the 10th anniversary of suggestions.

&forum鞋款式叫什么nbsp;       &it’snbsp;   The meetinforum翻译g was chaired by Mr. Yunping Xia, chairman of the President’s Fellowship Coclub是什么酒mmittee. First of all, Mr. Zheng Delions怎么读gang, the director, made a New Year’深圳疫情s greetings tforum84o the participating lion friends, and explained the work in the first half of the year and the next step,annually and proposed to each service team. Make the Servclubman是什么牌子车ice Team bigger and stronger for the 10th anniversary The initiative. He hopheld是hold的什么形式ed that all the chairmen would continue to strengthen the work of membership development anitss资质证书d retention, exclub用英语怎么说pand the serlions读音vice team and striits是什么意思ve to achieve the taforums是什么意思rget of 20% net increase by June. At the same time, attentforumsi深圳市最新疫情on should bannual中文翻译e paid to ensuring equal quality aannualnd quantity of members. At the meeting, he announced four developments in the membclubmedership. Tree oheld过去式和过去分词f Hope ” The awards are tree of Hope Growth Award, Trannualsee of Hope Achievement Award, Tree of Hope Contribution Award. Teams wit深圳天气h a net increase of 20% in membership over thannuallye previous year will be awarded Tree of Hope Growth Award & RDQUO; , teams with a membership of up to standard 25 members wiitss资质证书ll be awarded Tree of Hope Acheld的原型hievement Award & RDquo; , a team whose membership increases by 20% from 25 members will be awarded. Tree of Ho深圳疫情最新动态pe Achievement Award & RDQUO; . At the same time, to encourage theforums creation of new service teams, successannuallyful service teams established bbeheldefore 2 April 2012 will be awardlionsgateed &LDquo; Tree of Hope Contribution Award & RDQUO; , 5,000 yuan.
            At the meeting, Mr. Zhang Guojun, vice presupheldidentlion是什么意思 of thelions翻译中文 National Lion Association, made a speech. He pclubmanraislions英语怎么说ed the recruitment and retention of shenzhen Lions club members in the first half ofannually this year, and expressed high hopes for the future constructilions翻译on of shenzhen Lions Club service teamclub. This time, he put forward suggestions on stritsashou微博engtheniforum84ng and developing shenzhen Lions Club.
        &深圳风险等级nbsp;   Then, a series of activities for the 10th anniversary of the深圳风险等级 founding of Shenzhen Lions Club were reported. The first dep深圳uty director Su Ziran shi Brother & LDquo; Towards Growth – 10th Anniversary of Shenzhen Lions Club lions Forum & RDquo; The paper collection made a mobilization speech, called on the council members and the service team presforumsiitstimefor和to区别dent to actively participate in this activitclub是什么酒y. Mr. Wu Xiaoming, the second deputy director, made a presentation on the preparation of the 10th anniversary party of Shenzhen Lions Club and called for the active participation of all service teams. Secretary General Zhang Xiaowei introducheld是hold的什么形式ed the maiforum怎么读n contents oforum怎么读f the yearbook for the 10th anniversary of lions Club shenzhen, and called on all the board members and service club presidents to actively partici深圳疫情最新消息pate in the compilation of the yearbits是什么意思ook.
            Mr. Su Zeraforum84n, the first deputy director, r深圳市最新疫情epclub用英语怎么说orted the matters of membership development and membershforum翻译ip retention. He put forwarupheldd the plan of membership development and retention, including retaheldbackining old members, developing new members and innovatits翻译ing service team, and put forward corresponding meaclubsures.

            Then, the representatives of the main service team, Chunfeng, Nature, Shangbu, Silver Lake, OCT, Shenzhen Bay, Xili, Tiande, Fuai, Boai, Xiaotong and other service teams actively participated in the speeforum什么意思中文ch, shared their experience an深圳疫情最新消息d suggestionits和it’s的区别s on the construction of the service team, and said tclubman是什么牌子车h深圳地铁线路图ey would actively complete or exceed the completion. The scene atmosphere is warm, everyone to the serannualvice team & LDquo;annual造句 Make the service team bigger and stforums是什么意思ronger &rdshenzhenquo; I have a deeper understanclub是什么酒ding.
&nforum是什么意思bsp;           In the end, Mr. Zheng degangitsashou微博, director of Lions Club, expressed his appreciation to the lions club for attending the foruupheldm深圳 despite their busy schedule, and pointed out that in the initial stage of Lions Club, development is the most important thing and both quantity andheld过去式和过去分词 quality of members should be guaranteedheld的原型. The lions cluannual中文翻译b will be popular only when it develops and the service team becomeits翻译s bigger. Lions can only stand if the service is strong. Only when the lions club is standardized and developed ca深圳市最新疫情n the lions clits翻译ub have credibility, appeal, cohesion and influence.

      &it’snbsp;               &nbspannuals;                     &nbannualizedsp;lions读音             &nbs深圳大学p;     Photo by Zhang Lichen/Li Jiangping


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