Invitation for tender for lions Club shenzhen to travel to Busan, Korea to attend the 95th international convention

  Invitation for tender for lions Club shenzhen to travel to Busan, Korea to attend the 95tkorea怎么读h international convention

            The 95th Lions Clulions英语怎么读b International Convention will be held in Busan, South Korea from 22 to 26 June 2012. In orclubmander to arouse more lion friends to participate in the bishenzhendding, we hereby issue a public bidding announcement to the public, and hope that more competent, responsible and qualified travel agencies will actively participate in the bidding, and hope that the majorlionsgateity of lion friends will actively recommend.

        &ntender是什么意思bsp;   A, & have spent Schedule requirements.

    &nbsplions是什么意思; &nbskorea翻译p;     1.   independent travel Booking international air tickets, hotels, busan day tour or other.
        &nbspinvitationcode=null;   2.   A five-day itinerary for the conference alkorea是哪个国家one. The schedule of the international C深圳地铁线路图onference is attacheattend什么意思中文d.
        &nblions音标sp;   3.   5 days conference in Busan and 7 days tour in Seoul.
  &nbspbusan是什么港口;        korea翻译 4.   Busan 5-day conference + Seoul Jeju 9-day tour.
            5.   Yclub怎么读ou suggest a more reasonable itinerary to recommend to guests.
            6. &nbattend是什么意思sp; A detailed itinerary is required, inlions音标cluding c深圳天气ities,clubs attractions, transportation and accommodation. Accommodatitravel的过去式和过去分词on, meals, guide, etc.

&nbkorea英文怎么念sp;           Second, & have spentlions翻译 Quotation requirements.

      &nbinvitation什么意思sp; &nlionsgatebsp;   1, & have spent Transportation. Including airlines, class, flights, tour busesshenzhen, etc.
        &nbs不三不四小说p;   2, & have spent Accommobusan是什么港口dation. Request to provide the quotation, hotel name and location of five-star clubs and ikoreanternatiattendantsonal hotels. Ask to be near the meeting pltravel是什么意思ace during the meelions是什么意思ting. (Please refer to the hotel name provided by Lions Club Internatiinvitationonal)
&nbsp深圳疫情最新消息;           3, & have spent Meal. The dish. Restaurant location. C深圳地铁线路图hinese folions英语怎么说od and western food. A few dishlions翻译es aclubman是什么牌子车nd souptender情侣名, meatkorea是哪国怎么读 and vegetables.
            4, & have speclub用英语怎么说nt Standards for the number oattend什么意思中文f team leaders and local escorts.
            5, & have spent Tip.
        &nb不三不四桃花屋指什么生肖sp;   6, & have spent Self-funded projects. Items and prices.
              7, & have spent Design itinerary and quote individually according to guest’s special requirementbusan是什么港口s.

&nbinvitationssp;     &nbsinvitation音标p;     &tender在爱情中什么意思nbsp; Threelions音标, & have spent Basic qualification requirements for travel agents.

              1, & have spent All four certificates atravelingre complete. (License, permit, code certificate, tax cerkorea是什么意思啊英语tificate), copy with official seal. Power of attorney of legal representativinvitationse.
    &lions翻译中文nbsp;   &nblions是什么意思sp;     2, & have spent It is operated by the Japanese and Korean department of the travel agency headquarters with exit qualificatravel的现在分词tion, and the bidding is ntravel的现在分词ot accepted by the contracted or affiliated travel agency department or business department.
              3,tender是什么意思 & have spent A travel agency in Shenzhen. Foreign travel agencies and shenzhen-based organizations are not accepted for btendernessidding.
      &nblions是什么意思sp;   &nbsinvitation是什么意思中文p;   4, & have spelion是什么意思nt Comptender情侣名any profile, size, advantages in orclubmanganizing Tours to Japan and Korea, experience in organizing large-scale conferences or business trips.
              5, & have spent The importance of the company to this tender.深圳疫情最新动态 What team is planned to track the service. Quality and service of operators.
              6, & have spent Have you ever participated in lions club projects? Do you know about lions club conventions?

            Four.不散的空虚 Program and time.

            1invitation. Deadline for bidding: 12:00 noon on February 24, 2012.
            &nbinvitation什么意思sp; 2. All tclubmed官网预订endereattend翻译rs shall send sealed bid documents and materials to Miss Chen of Shenzhen Lionkorea英文怎么念s Club, 13th floor, Building D, Huaqing Yuan, No. 38, Luotender是什么意思sha Jinger Road, Luohu District, China, zikorea是朝鲜还是韩国p code: 518003


      &nbspclub怎么读;       Appendix: 1. Schedule of the 95travelingth Lions International Convention in Busan, Korattendingea
                &nbslions音标p;     &club是什么意思nbsp;             2. Name of the hotel provided by Lions Club International



                            &invitationsnbsp;    lions读音     &nbsptender情侣名;                                                   &nbkorea是什么牌子sp;                           &nbslion是什么意思p;             &attend翻译nbsp;       &nbtender中文翻译sp;               &nbsattend什么意思中文p;    
              &invitation音标nbsp;      attendance的动词         &nbspattend;               &ntravel的现在分词bsp;   &nbinvitationcode=nullsp; &nbsattendantp;     &nblions怎么读sp;               &nbtendersp;          lionsgate   Shenzhen Lions Club
                                  &nbspclub;               &nbsptenderloin;     Chairman of the Itravel过去式nte不三不四小说rnational Convention Committee: Dong Shige
            &nbsp深圳大学;         &nattendancebsp; &nbslionsgatep;                          不三不四是什么生肖       &nbkorea英文怎么念sp;         Executive Chairmen: Song Fang, Huang Cheng
 korea是哪个国家的牌子               &nbstender中文翻译p;                                       &nbsclubp;                   February 15, 2012


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