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Customize your shoes

Talk aboutThe wrist bandWhat is the common knowledge and how does it work

The human skin is in dcustomizeirect contact wicustomize怎么读th the ccustomize怎么读onductive macustomizeterial on the wrist strap. When the wrist strap iscustomized是什么意思中文翻译 grounded, the static electricity generated by human movement is quickshoes翻译ly released through the groundingshoes翻译 system tcustomize模式o effectively eliminate static elecustomize模式ctricit油然而生y, and the ultimate goal of static discharge (static voltage balance) is achieved. The wrcustomized是什么意思中文翻译ist strap is comcustomize什么意思posed of elastic bracelet or Velcro ring, meyourselftal ring, rcustomized是什么意思ubber ring, with slingshot line, crocodile clip. It has high dispersion speed (S< 0.1s), durablecustomize怎么读 (slingshot line c悠然an resist bendiyour怎么读ng 30,000 times), sshoes的英语afe (built in 1M powecustomize什么意思r limiting resistance), can be repeatedly cleaned and othe悠然自得的意思r features.

    Slingshot line length can be customized according to customer requirements, cocustomize模式mmonly used specifications are 6 feet (1.83M), 8 f游刃有余eet (2.44M), 10 feet (3.048), 12 feet (3.658M).

    (1) It can be used as a result of improper contact of high staticcustomized怎么读 poyour怎么读wer supply, resulting in the instant introductyourion of a lacustomizerge amount of statcustomize怎么读ic charge.customize模式 Wshoes是什么品牌鞋子hen the ion neutralization is not completed, it can pr犹如造句ovide ion neutralization with the external air and watercustomized molecules of the sccustomize怎么读rew (Corona discharge effect), so that the static electricity can be effectively eliminateshoestringd,your and achieve the ultimate g悠然的拼音oal of static dcustomize模式ischarge (static voltage balance油然而生)

&ncustomizedbsp;   (2) This screw cancustomized be used for potential return to zero funcshoes翻译tion (jcustomize模式ust touch the screw to ground),

    (3) Can be used as loop detection termshoes是什么品牌鞋子inal.

Cable grounding wrcustomize模式ist band is the basishoes英文怎么读语音c of anti-static equipmeyour怎么读nt, but also fshoeshineor general use on the production line of supplies, not onlshoes是什么品牌鞋子y on the construction and operation is very convenient, are often on the price affordable, its reason is through the wrist strap and ground wire, to human body electrostatic dischargshoes怎么读e to tshoes的英语he earth, so use wristbands necessary really contact with the skin, also need direct grounding grounding line, And ensure that the grounding line unimpeded to pshoes怎么读lay a large effect.


    Esd wrist strap An Ecustomize模式SD ring is worn on human wrists to release the accumulated e悠然的拼音lectrostatic charges. It is divided int犹如造句o linear, linear, metal ring and elastic condshoes是什么意思中文uctive wishoesre mixed ring. This productcustomize翻译 is one of the anti-static wrishoes翻译st strap buckle adjustable linear, it can effectively protect the zero resistance parts from static interferenceyourself, to release the static electricity of the human body. It is composed of anti-stati悠然自得的情景句子c elasticshoes是什么意思中文 band, movable snap, spring cord, protcustomized是什么意思ective re犹如造句sistashoes是什么意思中文nce and chuck. The inner layer of the elastic band is woven with anti-static yarn and the outer layer is woven with ordinary yarn. The principle of the escustomize模式d cable wrcustomizer vansist strap is to conduct the static electricity of the human body to the earth through the wrist strap and ground cable. Use thcustomized是什么意思e wrist strap in contact with the skin and ensure that the grounding cable is directly grounded犹如造句 for maximum effectiveness. Wear tshoes翻译he esd wristcustomizer vans styourrap, it can safely remove the static electriccustomize中文意思ity generated in the body within 0.1 sec悠然自得的意思onds, grounding wrist strap is the basic antistatic equipment, but alshoes是单数还是复数so for common use.

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